Sunday, February 09, 2020

Two-Volume Paperback Edition of Capitalism

I’m proud and happy to announce that my book Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics is now available in a paperback edition in two volumes at
Volume 1 can be used as a textbook in “microeconomics” courses; Volume 2, in “macroeconomics” courses.
The volumes are a virtually complete alternative and antidote to the assorted interventionist, Marxist, and Keynesian nonsense that typically fills such courses.
I call their orientation “Austro-Classical” in that it integrates Austrian economics with needlessly abandoned major doctrines of the British classical school, while eliminating the classical school’s errors, above all the labor theory of value and the “iron law of wages.”
Note: use of Volume 2 requires the last chapter of Volume 1, which will be made available to adopters without charge, in pdf format, along with a license to reproduce as many copies as one has students. The chapter could not be included in Volume 2 because of Amazon’s limit on pages.