Wednesday, July 08, 2020


There’s been a lot of talk recently about making the police more accountable. There’s some legitimacy to that. But what about making mayors, city councils, governors and state legislatures, Congress, and the whole government more accountable?
Shouldn’t the mayors of Seattle, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and elsewhere be held accountable for the additional murders in their cities that they had to know would occur as a result of the inadequate police presence that they caused?
Given their decisions and knowledge of the consequences that would follow, it seems to me that these mayors deserve to be charged with manslaughter.
Mayors who allow things to reach a point where 911 calls cannot be responded to and who have not called their state governors to provide the assistance of the National Guard, should automatically be fired and replaced through a new election for the office.
To create a high barrier against unjust prosecution of the innocent, citizens left on their own to defend their lives and property should be immune from prosecution for any acts they commit in the course of doing so that are held to be less than first-degree murder.

July 6, 2020,  Nature 

While “Nature” may often be beautiful, it is also, very often, just one thing eating another alive. Nature needs lots of improvement. The primary improvement is Civilization.