Sunday, January 24, 2021

How House Republicans Can Launch an Offensive for Freedom of Speech

Nutsy Nancy is trying to impose a speech code on the House of Representatives. The code would bar words that indicate gender, such as father and mother, daughter and son, husband and wife, and replace them with gender neutral terms such as parent, child, spouse, etc.

Republicans can stop this nonsense by standing up one after another, hopefully all 211 of them, and announcing that they speak standard English not 1984 Newspeak, and so will go on using such words as mother and father…husband and wife, etc.

They should remind Nutsy Nancy that the First Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits Congress from making any law that abridges the freedom of speech, which this speech code clearly attempts to do.

And if it is not a law, because of its being prohibited by the Constitution, then it is without force and thus can be ignored, and will be ignored, at least by all House Republicans.

The Republican speakers should insist that their remarks be taken down and reprinted verbatim in all relevant Congressional documents, such as The Congressional Record.

If Republicans do this, and thus role back the anti-free speech movement in Congress, then perhaps others will be inspired to do the same thing on college campuses.