Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reisman's New York Times Comment on the "Big Bang" Theory

The other day I posted a series of tweets on the "Big Bang" Theory. They were inspired as a response to a New York Times article on the subject by Dennis Overbye, titled "Space Ripples Reveal Big Bang’s Smoking Gun."

Today, I consolidated the tweets and posted them on the Times' website as a reader's comment. My statement follows and the hyperlink to it appears at the end.
The universe is the totality of all of existence.

If the universe is expanding, into what is it expanding? Mustn’t that into which it is expanding exist and thus be part of the universe?
If the universe is the totality of all of existence, how can there be anything beyond the universe?

As the totality of all of existence, the concept of boundaries cannot apply to the universe.

As the totality of all of existence, nothing could have existed before the universe except non-existence, which cannot exist.

The concepts before and after cannot apply to the universe without implying the contradiction of the existence of non-existence.

The universe did not have a beginning. Nor will it have an end.

Not having had a beginning, the universe did not originate in a “Big Bang” or any other event. Click “All” if necessary.