Saturday, November 02, 2013

Uh Plus Duh May Spell Trouble for Obama

Uh: Headline in The New York Times of Thursday, October 31, 2013:Voters’ Anger Over Shutdown Is Inspiring Democrats to Run”

Duh: Headline in The New York Times of Friday, November 1, 2013: Troubled Start for Health Law Has Democrats Feeling Anxious”

Uh Plus Duh May Spell Trouble for Obama: This is because the government shutdown was the result of the Democrats’ adamant refusal to delay the imposition of the Obama health law, which was clearly identified by its Republican opponents as a “train wreck waiting to happen.”
The voters are now seeing that train wreck in the form of a totally botched web site designed to handle enrollment in the Obama program. They are also seeing it in sharply increased health insurance premiums and reduced insurance coverage, results that have occurred because ObamaCare forces medical insurance companies to accept people with pre-existing conditions at the same premiums as people without such conditions. This requirement means that people without preexisting conditions must help to cover the higher costs of insuring those with preexisting conditions. When the costs of providing insurance are increased, premiums must increase and/or coverage decrease to hold down costs, or companies must go out of business.

This carnage could have been avoided, along with the government shutdown, if only Obama and his henchman, Harry Reid, the Democrat Majority Leader of the Senate, had relented and postponed the imposition of ObamaCare. That would have given the members of Congress a fresh opportunity to actually read and study the law they passed without bothering to perform this very elementary and essential aspect of their duties as the people’s representatives.
If the voters have the ability to put two and two together, which, unfortunately, is by no means certain, then perhaps there will soon be a third headline in The New York Times, one to the effect that those responsible for ObamaCare are fleeing to the hills to escape the wrath of the electorate.

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