Sunday, November 21, 2021

How Fox News Can Better Counter The Leftist Networks

Commentators on Fox News have rightly said that the various leftist networks make a major contribution to rioting and civil unrest by creating a false narrative on important events, which is then disappointed, seemingly with no explanation but some nonsense such as “white racism.”

Fox can do something about this. For one thing, it should post on YouTube such decisive commentaries as its showing how the prosecutor in the Rittenhouse case actually made the case for the defense.

Amazingly, he called one witness after another who testified that Rittenhouse was the victim of aggression, not the aggressor.

Fox should also post on YouTube all of its series of snippets showing one after another of the leftist commentators using the identical key words in their commentaries, as though they had all been briefed beforehand by the Ministry of Propaganda.

Finally, Fox should consider advertising on the other networks by showing how it differs from them, in not following a leftist party line, and catching them up in their lies, such as creating the impression that the men Rittenhouse shot were black.

Sunday, November 07, 2021

Some Questions About Income Tax Audits


An income tax audit is essentially a search. Why, consistent with the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, doesn’t it require a search warrant signed by a judge?

Since income-tax audits sometimes lead to criminal prosecutions and jail sentences, why is it not a requirement that anyone whom the IRS wishes to audit, first be given a “Miranda Warning,” with its notification of the right to remain silent and to have an attorney present?

Why isn’t the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution and its protection against self-incrimination a routine basis for the refusal to submit to an audit, thus requiring the IRS to make its cases without the cooperation of citizens forced to help in their own incrimination?


Friday, November 05, 2021

What Using the Pronouns Chosen by "Transgender" People Means

Please explain the difference between using the pronouns chosen by “transgender” people and working as an unpaid extra in someone’s sexual fantasy.

Thursday, November 04, 2021

How “Men” Can Give Birth.

Start with a woman. Get the woman to declare that she “identifies” as a man. So now, according to the prevailing view in “intellectual” circles, this woman is a man.

So, if she (“he”) becomes pregnant and gives birth, we supposedly have a case of a man giving birth, because the woman has been mislabeled as a man.

In this way, its’s possible to explain how a “cat” can bark like a dog, and how fish can fly and birds can swim. It’s all a matter of fraudulent labeling and then feigning shock when the mislabeled thing behaves in accordance with its actual nature.