Monday, February 22, 2021

Washington's Birthday

Today is the birthday of George Washington, the Father of Our Country. In his time, the ownership of slaves was a widespread practice, and he owned some. But his principles and those of the country he founded guaranteed the end of slavery.

They did so by positing for the first time in human history the existence of individual rights to which laws and governments were to be subordinate

Far-leftists have no right to condemn Washington for owning slaves, for they advocate the fresh imposition of slavery, universal slavery, in the form of socialism. Under socialism, everyone is compelled by force to work for the government. Socialism is forced labor camps—Gulag.

Such camps are what those who tear down  the statues of Washington want to construct.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

NY Times Distorts the Facts about the Texas Freeze

See The New York Times article HowTexas’ Power Generation Failed During the Storm, In Charts - The New York Times(

In an effort to get wind and solar power off the hook, the article blames the Texas power failure mainly on natural gas, claiming that “Natural gas production froze, and so did the pipelines that transport the gas.” It “was hit hardest.”

The Times needs to explain how natural gas can freeze in a surrounding environment of 90, when its freezing point is almost minus 3000.