Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Enviro-Communism/Nazism: A Program of Idiots

 They don’t know what a woman is, and believe that men can have babies, which is ignorance on the level of not knowing that one plus one equals two. In effect, they describe themselves as idiots. (The IQs of idiots range from 0 to 25.) 

Yet at the same time, they claim to know that unless we give up fossil fuels, and all the necessities and conveniences that depend on them, eat bugs instead of beef, and even reduce the use of anesthesia, global warming will massively raise sea levels and cause mass drowning.

With IQs closer to the level of inanimate objects than to that of most human beings, they do not realize that precisely fossil fuels is what would prevent any major loss of human life caused by rising sea levels or practically any other natural disaster.

Fossil fuels give to man the ability to evacuate large numbers of people from the scene of impending natural disasters and then quickly to replace whatever property has been lost. This because they raise the productivity of human labor enormously and progressively.

The world could quickly recover even from property damage every generation on the scale of that of World War II, so long as it had the productivity of labor and preservation of human life made possible by fossil fuels.

The hostility to fossil fuels, beef, and even anesthesia, are leading manifestations of hatred of human life and well-being. It is the hatred of the communists and Nazis for the human race and its happiness.

Idiots want us to give up the power of our individual brains and their coordination through voluntary social cooperation and its offshoot the price system.

Instead, they want to replace the integrated, coordinated planning of billions of average and above-average individual people with the delusions of a relative handful of idiots foisted on the population by force and fraud.

The world must soon choose between capitalism and enviro-communism/Nazism, between the thinking and planning of billions of individuals motivated by the prospect of induvial gain, and grandiose delusion imposed by force and fraud.

For elaboration of the case for capitalism and against environmentalism, see especially Chapter 3 of my Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, titled “Natural Resources and the Environment.” See also chapters 6-8. (Search for my book under George Reisman in the category “All” on

The Absurdity of Fighting Fossil Fuels


Can anyone explain how it is rational to try to fight a natural phenomenon like climate change and do so by means of abandoning fossil fuels and atomic power, which are the foundations of our ability to cope with nature?[GR1] 


Saturday, February 04, 2023

Trans-Weather (02/04/23)

Although originally assigned to the category “in danger from global warming,” much of the Northern Hemisphere now identifies with freezing from record-setting cold.

Sunday, January 08, 2023

How t Stop the Decline of Western Culture: Read Mises, Rand, and Reisman

Western Culture is in its greatest decline since the 3rd Century, when the Graeco-Roman culture of the Ancient World began its descent into the Dark Ages. Self-made sub-morons declare that men can have babies and that one cannot say what a woman is without a degree in biology. 

Instead of being justly ridiculed and booed out of the Senate hearing room, one such moron was made a member of the US Supreme Court a few months ago. Why? Because her being a woman[?!] of color was thought essential to prove that the Court did not regard race or sex as essential.

What was proved, of course, is that a majority of the present US Senate is a pack or racist fools who tripped over a glaring contradiction that they hold, the contradiction between their alleged opposition to racism and their obvious racism.

They were racist in insisting that the candidate belong to a favored race, and also “sexist” in demanding that she belong to the favored female sex, which, unlike even a very small child, some of them can’t define.

Contemporary culture, the cultural “mainstream,” is a cesspool of absurdities and contradictions. It needs to be replaced.

One source of replacement is the inspiration that can be gained by studying works of the past. As the men of the Renaissance were inspired by the works of Antiquity, so too, we can be inspired the works of the more than 25 centuries that preceded us.

But there are some very recent authors, up to now largely ignored, who have a great deal to say that can be of great value in changing our cultural “mainstream,” particularly in the areas of philosophy and economics. They are Mises, Rand, and Reisman.

Mises’s Socialism and Human Action, Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, and Reisman’s Capitalism are four of the most essential books of this kind.

Reisman’s Capitalism contains an extensive bibliography of books including, in addition to all of the works of Mises and Rand and the leading works of the enemies of capitalism, such as Marx and Keynes, the leading works of all lesser supporters of capitalism. 

(Search respectively under Ludwig von Mises, Ayn Rand, and George Reisman in the category “All.”)