Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Pepperdine Syllabi, One "Micro" and One "Macro"

Now that my relationship with Pepperdine University has been finalized (I was given the title of “Professor Emeritus”), I want to make my syllabi available to anyone who may be interested. I’ve got basically two of them (one “micro” and the other “macro”). Each of them has eight supplements. The arrangement is somewhat complex and the way I handled it was with a course web site. I’ve now recreated and somewhat updated that web site. The link is The site also contains many hundreds of essay and short-answer questions on my book Capitalism. In my judgment, which others will doubtless dispute, these syllabi are useable in Economics 101 to 801 and 102 to 802.

Much of this material has been incorporated into the manual for my Program of Self-Education in the Economic Theory and Political Philosophy of Capitalism. But I think it’s much more effective in this format. I’ve added to the above syllabi my syllabus for the Program, which incorporates numerous supplementary readings that I recommend.

Judging from the hit counter on its home page, the response to my Pepperdine website with its syllabi and syllabus supplements has already been much greater than I expected. This has motivated me to start making the supplements as fully functional as they were when I used them in my classes.

I’ve begun with material directly related to my most recent post "Production Versus Consumption.” So, if anyone is interested in a look at the Productionist and Consumptionist aggregate demand curves, please go to the site, come down in the left hand frame until you get to the link “477_Supplement_2.” When you click on it, the pdf file that comes up will have hyperlinks of its own, indicated either by a thin blue box or a blue underline, depending on the version of the Adobe Reader that you have. Clicking on the first link will take you to the Productionist aggregate demand curve and the surrounding discussion in Capitalism, clicking on the second one will take you to the Consumptionist aggregate demand curve and surrounding discussion.

There are five additional links in the supplement, which go to figures and tables in Capitalism illustrating Say’s Law.

The operation of the links is quirky and it’s possible they may not even work for everyone. I’m trying to get the kinks out and I welcome reports of any problems (and also successes). Whether the links work well or poorly, I’d appreciate knowing your operating system, version of Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, and the browser you’re using, including its version number.

Thank you for your help.
George Reisman

P. S. Please send the results to me at

P.P.S. The pagination in the online version of Capitalism has now been greatly improved, because the Acrobat Reader now distinguishes between Roman and Arabic numerals.