Friday, June 22, 2012

Price of Kindle edition of Capitalism cut to $9.99

The price for the Kindle edition of Capitalism has been reduced from $39.95 to $9.99. Sales of the book at the original price had been fairly brisk, with the book ranking between 25th and 75th in its category on until less than a week ago. In the last week, however, the book has fallen from the top 100 list in its categoy and has been steady at a ranking of approximately 250,000th in Kindle sales overall. Hopefully, the new price will broaden the market substantially.
Flash: as of 9AM this morning, California time, Capitalism is now 31st in itsc category, which is economic theory, and is ranked at 67,043rd overall in Kindle sales.
The new price may not show up outside the US until later today or even tomorrow.