Monday, August 26, 2013

Newly Published: Edith Packer's LECTURES ON PSYCHOLOGY

All of Dr. Packer's pamphlets are now together in a book, at, in Kindle format. Price: $9.99.

The full title of Dr. Packer's book is LECTURES ON PSYCHOLOGY A Guide to Understanding Your Emotions.

Here is the book's table of contents:



Chapter 1 The Psychological Requirements of a Free Society

Chapter 2 Understanding the Subconscious

Chapter 3 Anger

Chapter 4 The Obsessive-Compulsive Syndrome

Chapter 5 The Art of Introspection

Chapter 6 Toward A Lasting Romantic Relationship, Part I

Chapter 7 Toward A Lasting Romantic Relation Ship, Part II

Chapter 8 Happiness Skills

Chapter 9 The Role of Philosophy in Psychotherapy

Chapter 10 An Interview with Edith Packer on Psychotherapy

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