Sunday, July 07, 2019


Please click on the following link and then read the material that comes up in the socialist tweet. Stop when you finish the text in the photograph.

Socialists do not realize that capitalism’s privately owned means of production benefit everyone who buys the products of those means of production. Thus privately owned auto plants, steel mills, and iron mines benefit the buyers of automobiles. Likewise for all other products.

The socialists’ mentality is trapped in the Dark Ages, when production was not yet for the market but for the personal use of the producers, an arrangement that the socialists seem to think was superior, since it was “production for use” rather than “production for profit.”

Under capitalism, the private owners of means of production see profitable opportunities and on their own initiative use their means of production to produce things that others, often millions and tens of millions of others, want to buy.

Socialists apparently believe that under socialism there will be some kind of global town meeting where everyone will decide everything, and everyone will then live happily ever after.

I welcome evidence to prove that socialists are not severely retarded.