Saturday, August 17, 2019

Greenland Ice Melt

The enviro-socialist “climate emergency” crowd was busy earlier this month trying to launch the human equivalent of a cattle stampede by getting people to plunge into socialism to avoid bad weather.
There were headlines such as “Greenland is on track to lose most ice on record this year and has already shed 250 billion tons.” (
It turns out that this amount of water is equal to slightly more than 60 cubic miles. ( The total volume of water in the world’s oceans is approximately 320 million cubic miles. (
If we divide the 60 cubic miles of water added by the ice melt in Greenland by the 320 million cubic miles of water already in the oceans, the result is 0.0000001875. This is the relative increase in the volume of water in the oceans.
The absolute increase is the relative increase times the pre-existing average depth of the oceans, which is approximately 12,100 feet (idem), or equivalently, in terms of inches, 145,200 inches. The results of these multiplications are .0023 feet and .027 inches. That’s 23 ten-thousandths of a foot and 27 one-thousandths of an inch.
To put these numbers in proper perspective, recall that a quarter of an inch is 250 one-thousandths of an inch. So what the fake media were trying to frighten us with is a rise in the sea level of little more than a tenth of a quarter of an inch (i.e., .027/.250).
And let us not forget that much or most of the 60 cubic miles of melted ice from Greenland will refreeze come Winter.
Today’s press and other media simply cannot be trusted. They themselves are ignorant and fully at home with taking advantage of the ignorance of their audiences. One of their favorite tricks is claiming that one “large” thing explains another, simply because both are “large.”
So, get ready for 250 billion tons of melting ice (wow, that’s large) to explain the Atlantic Ocean wiping out New York City and New Jersey. It never occurs to these numbskulls to check just how much water is actually involved and what difference it actually makes.
This kind of fake news has been going on for generations. It was especially prominent in the days of the Arab Oil Embargo, when the press claimed practically every day that the rise in the profits of the oil companies was responsible for the rise in the price of oil. (See pp. 231-234 of Capitalism, at
Despite the utter triviality of the Greenland ice melt, we’d better hurry up and sacrifice Industrial Civilization, according to the enviro-socialists, because centuries more of such increases may amount to something more significant. (Of course, if it does, we’ll be helpless to deal with it because we’ll have destroyed our industrial base if we listen to these enemies of the human race.)
I say, if global warming is coming, let it come. If it does come, it will come as an act of nature, because no individual human being or voluntary association of human beings is responsible for it.
At most, it’s the unintended by-product of the separate, independent actions of billions of human beings across a period of almost ten generations.
Something for which no actual acting human being is responsible is an act of nature.
We can cope with global warming. What we can’t cope with is global central planning, which seeks to manipulate the world’s climate by prohibiting the self-interested actions of billions of people—of everyone but a handful of alleged government experts, such as Al Gore and AOC.
Turning our world into one in which practically the entire human race is prohibited from acting for its self-interest, on the basis of everyone’s independent intelligence, is a formula for mass extinction. Al Gore and AOC are not a substitute for billions of independent human minds.
In fighting for the preservation of Industrial Civilization, our first demand should be NO GOVERNMENT CLIMATE MANIPULATION! Government officials are typically not smart enough to run their own lives very well. That’s why they’re working for the government in the first place.
They should not have the audacity to try to seize control of the planet and force billions of people to sacrifice their well-being in service to the fantasies and delusions of the enviro-socialists.
Environmentalism and socialism are a match made in hell. Socialism (government ownership/control of the means of production) to prevent global warming will certainly achieve its inevitable result of a massive decline in living standards.
But thanks to environmentalism, that will be considered success! Environmentalism sets a standard of “success” that socialism can meet. Poverty is the goal of environmentalism. Socialism is certainly the means of achieving that goal.
To Hell with environmentalism and socialism! Let us achieve a world of full, unhampered capitalism and resume the economic progress and rising living standards of the Industrial Revolution.
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