Monday, November 25, 2019


If you’re “woke,” you'd better get some sleep, because everything you say is so stupid that you sound only half conscious. Your essential complaint about “social injustice” is that capitalists steal their profits from wages.

In fact, the saving and productive expenditure of the capitalists show up as wages and expenditure for capital goods, which in turn show up as costs of production and thus a deduction from sales revenues. This means a reduction in the amount of profit relative to sales revenues.

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My essay shows that the original income of labor was profit not wages, and that capitalists create wages, costs, and capital and thereby reduce profits relative to sales revenues and capital, while raising wages relative both to sales revenues and to prices.

Thus, “wokes”—Marxism-inspired morons—denounce capitalists for creating and enlarging what they in fact reduce, i.e., relative profits, and for reducing what they in fact enlarge, i.e., relative wages and their buying power.

Capitalists enrich everyone through the rise in the productivity of labor they bring about, and which progressively reduces prices relative to wages, thereby raising real wages, and making possible shorter hours, better working conditions, and the abolition of child labor.

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As for the issue of racism, that “woke” people are allegedly so concerned about, what profit-seeking capitalists discriminate in favor of is that which is the color of money, such as, gold, silver, and greenbacks.

So, for example, if blacks are getting paid less than whites for the same work, profit-seeking capitalists will employ equally good but lower-paid blacks at every opportunity, provided there are no laws or regulations that threaten them for doing so. Cutting costs raises profits.

The result is a rise in the wages of blacks and a fall in the wages of whites. The further result is equal pay for equal work. (The same applies to the wages of women relative to those of men.)

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