Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Bernie’s Financial Plan

If you thought Joe Biden must have some kind of mental problem to say that 150 million people had been killed by guns in the hands of random shooters, you should consider what Bernie Sanders has been saying.

Bernie hopes to raise the trillions needed for The Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and the forgiveness of student loans, by such means as suing the fossil energy firms. Bernie knows that at current market values all these firms taken together are worth trillions.

He plans to make their activities illegal and yet collect those trillions. He hasn’t asked who would buy their assets if their use is illegal. All that he would be able actually to collect is their cash and marketable securities and the scrap value of the rest of their assets.

The disastrous plunge in the value of their assets would be accompanied by a comparable plunge in the average standard of living in the United States. People would be deprived of gasoline, heating oil, and all other such products and products whose production depends on them.

Bernie and his followers do not see the enormous positive contribution that fossil fuels have made both to the number of people able to survive and to the quality of life of virtually all who do. His program is that of a suicidal, murderous moron/maniac.