Thursday, August 19, 2021

A Woke Solution for Americans Trapped in Afghanistan

Here's a woke solution for Americans trapped in Afghanistan: buy a painting by Hunter Biden. That, minus a substantial commission, would allow for a still significant payment to the Taliban, and thus free an American.

Matters could be speeded up if Joe, the rest of his family, and the members of his Cabinet could temporarily be made students of Hunter and thus learn to paint as well as he does. They, in turn, could have students of their own, which would increase paintings output by a further multiple.

Soon canvases would appear signed by such notables as “Student of Jen Psaki,” “Student of General Mark Milley.” In short order, sufficient funds might be raised to free all the Americans and all their Afghan allies as well.

Of course, such an arrangement would bear no resemblance to the United States of old, when Pres. Jefferson refused to pay tribute to the Barbary Pirates and, instead, defeated them in war.

But Jefferson has been discredited, because he owned slaves, the intellectual foundations of which institution he totally destroyed in The Declaration of Independence.

He’s been discredited by Marxists/Socialists/Communists, whose entire philosophy and program rest on slavery, which they plan to impose now, today, in the present-day world, as soon as they take power.

Such people have virtually no standing to discredit anyone. They themselves are at the bottom of the rungs of hell.

Most people do not know this, because they are largely uneducated. They have no knowledge of history, or very much knowledge of anything else. Thus, they cannot see what has happened to our country.