Sunday, October 22, 2023

Will Biden’s “Humanitarian” Aid to Gaza Cost Israel the War?

 Biden, Blinken, Bugs Bunny, and the other cartoon characters running our government either don’t know what the word “war” means, which is possible, since they don’t seem to know what “man” and “woman” mean, or they want Hamas to win the war it has started with Israel.

Imagine that Biden had been President in World War II. Would he have sent “humanitarian” aid to Germany and Japan, to be sure that “innocent” civilians had food and medical supplies? Would he have believed that those supplies would actually get to any innocent civilians and not be appropriated by the Axis governments, to aid their continuing war effort? In World War II, we bombed the hell out of Germany and Japan, day after day, night after night. Our goal was to destroy their war-making ability, and not to worry about the effect on their civilians, most of whom supported their governments, just as most Gazans today support Hamas. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if the United States and Britain had controlled the water and electricity supplies in Germany and Japan, like Israel controls them in Gaza? We could have shut off those supplies and just waited for thirst and paralysis to compel the Axis to surrender. We could have demanded Hitler’s and Tojo’s heads, and before long, they would probably have been delivered on a pike. Not only would it not have been necessary to drop atomic bombs on Japan to end the war, but all the lives subsequently lost in combat and conventional bombing, on both sides, would have been spared. Giving “humanitarian” aid to Gaza and strong-arming Israel not to cut off water and electricity to Gaza forces Israel into a war in which it must suffer large casualties, because then it can only root out the Hamas terrorists by going door to door, building by building, subject to booby traps and sniper fire at each step of the way. No! Israel must be free not only to shut off the water and electricity going to Gaza but also to prevent supplies of any kind from entering Gaza and to demand not only surrender by Hamas, but unconditional surrender. Only that will make it possible to secure Israel’s military occupation of Gaza with minimal casualties and the subsequent roundup and execution of the Hamas terrorists, as promised by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who, in his speech following the Hamas attack, referred to Hamas members as “dead men.” If the Biden policy of aid to the Hamas enemy is continued, Israel may be forced to call off its invasion of Gaza, to avoid the loss of a good portion of its army. In that case, Hamas will have won the war it started, and Israel will be subject to further horrific attacks by Hamas, and every other gang of terrorists that may care to make one.

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