Friday, September 25, 2020

Irresponsible Reporting Causes Needless Outrage Two Times Over

The Breonna Taylor case in Louisville, KY is an example of today’s media doing such an irresponsible job of reporting, that the result is needless outrage followed by rioting and destruction two times over.

First, the media allege, and then repeat ad nauseam, heinous crimes committed by the police, ignoring such major facts as were the police acting without cause or in self-defense?

For example, it was not until just a few days ago that many people, including myself, learned for the first time that it was not the police but Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend who fired the first shot, wounding an officer, after which the police returned fire.

As in this case, later, perhaps many months later, it turns out that there are no actual grounds for charging the police with any crimes at all or only with much smaller infractions than originally believed.

But having heard it so many times over from the media, the mob still believes that the police are guilty of the original accusations, and so any findings that exonerate the police are disregarded, with the effect being a new round of outrage, destruction, and devastation.

This outcome is likely to be repeated, probably on a vastly larger scale, when verdicts ultimately come in on the officers involved in the George Floyd case.