Sunday, September 20, 2020

Why Trump’s Nominee to Scotus Must be Confirmed ASAP

Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski seem to think that respecting alleged canons of electoral etiquette is more important than strengthening America’s prospects for survival as a free country.

This is the meaning of their declarations that they will not vote to confirm Pres. Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court before election day. These ladies do not realize that election day and the weeks following, will be when our country most needs that Justice.

With its newly enacted mass mail-in voting susceptible to large-scale fraud, the Left is working to steal the election from Pres. Trump and turn the US into a one-party socialist dictatorship. Trump’s nominee seated on the Court will help prevent that.

If these ladies are worried about needing “the etiquette vote” in order to keep their jobs, they should realize that “the Trump/Patriot vote” is vastly larger than the etiquette vote and that they will lose it forever if they fail their country in this time of great danger to it.

Even if President Trump genuinely loses the election, nothing could be more important than having his nominee seated on the Court, to provide some remaining measure of protection for individual rights in a country being engulfed by tyranny.

Pres. Trump was elected to a four-year term. It is not yet over. So long as he is within the term of his office  he has the right to exercise all of its powers, above all, whatever powers he may have to hold back the onslaught of a virtual lynch mob.