Thursday, November 12, 2020

Our World Is Becoming That of 1984

As I see our world morphing more and more into Orwell's world of 1984, with a growing inversion of truth and falsehood, I think the time has come to apply to it the language of “1984.”

Thus, at least from time to time, we should refer to the media as branches of “The Ministry of Truth” and to President Trump as “Emmanuel Goldstein,” the arch-villain enemy of the [deep] state as depicted in 1984.

Indeed, Trump has been the victim of so many “Two-Minute Hates” that they blend into one intense, unending hatred 24/7/365.

And let us not forget “The Ministry of Love,” which AOC and other haters are attempting to forge in their efforts to ruin the lives of Trump supporters.

A statement from the Ministry of Truth claiming the honesty and fairness of the election appears at Be sure to read it if you’re ready to believe that the dead can vote and that preventing Republican observers from observing is fair and honest.