Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Why the “Right” Should Not Actually Behave Like the “Left” Even “a Little Bit”

Some people have objected to my tweet-thread/blogpost of Nov. 6 in the belief that it supports illegal action and a violation of private property rights.

Actually, it does not, nor did I intend it to advocate illegal action. The blog's title and the question it asks is, “What If the ‘Right’ Behaved a Bit Like the ‘Left’?” It does not say that the “Right” actually should behave that way. 

Speaking out or protesting against the lies and distortions of the media is justified. Exposing their complicity with government corruption is justified. But violating their property rights is not.

That could only be the case under a condition of armed resistance to the government, assuming the media were acting as government agents. Since we are not at the point of armed resistance, we are not at a point where disobeying the laws is justified.

Moreover, even if such disobedience were justified, given the Left’s near-total control over the media, such action would almost certainly backfire, for it would be portrayed not as a response to outrages but as unprovoked aggression. 

As long as we still have the ability to speak and write freely, our best course of action against the left-wing media is to counter them with a free-market alternative.

Some of these alternatives do exist. For example, Parler is becoming an alternative to Twitter. Please see my November 1 tweet-thread/blogpost for an elaboration of this free-market strategy.