Friday, August 07, 2020

Lunatics In Charge

Why isn’t Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan under indictment for manslaughter and being sued for wrongful death? She withdrew any police presence from the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle. Result: businesses were looted, citizens were terrorized, four were shot, and two were killed. (See

Her action constituted reckless endangerment, since the results that occurred were precisely the kind that any reasonable person would expect.

Perhaps she hasn’t been charged because it’s assumed she’d easily “beat the rap” with an insanity plea. Early in the anarchy, speaking from somewhere in La La Land, she dismissed such concerns with the remark, “We could have the Summer of Love.”

At the very least, she and the city council of Seattle and the mayors and councils of many other cities need to be brought in to determine whether or not they are a danger. They certainly are and should be locked up. The problem is that these lunatics are running the asylums.