Thursday, August 27, 2020

Marxists Topple Statues as a Step Toward Killing People

Marxists and the other mindless morons they influence have been running around picking fights with statues of long dead slave owners that they gleefully topple and destroy. 

What’s the matter, Marxists? Why do you need to pick fights with statues? In your dreck-bedecked worldview, there are plenty of present-day, living, breathing slave owners. You call them capitalists or “capitalist exploiters.”


And you call their employees “wage slaves,” by which you mean real live slaves.


What makes you confuse employees with slaves is your lunatic belief that under capitalism, wages are set at the same level as the remuneration of slaves, namely, minimum subsistence, and that all that the workers produce beyond that goes to the capitalists as profit.


So, you conclude that “capitalist” is just another name for slave owner.


Knowing how close you are to a psychotic break, I don’t want to name any specific targets for you to demonstrate against in the name of abolition, lest you burn down their houses and kill them. But you know who many of them are. They’re very prominent. And many of them fund you.


I do hope, however, that when you finally get around to killing them, you’ll thank them for having sold you the means with which to do it and for having actually freely given you the money with which to buy those means.


I know that in the group of capitalists we’re talking about, there are many productive geniuses. Despite their genius, in the areas of economic theory and political philosophy and of personal self-preservation itself, they speak and act like lobotomized, castrated zombies. 

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