Thursday, July 02, 2020

Freedom of Economic Inequality Is Not Only Not a Problem But the Solution to Economic Problems

On July 1, the NY Times ran an article titled “Is Economic Inequality Really a Problem?” (
The author was unable to provide an intelligent answer to his question because, like virtually all “liberals,” he doesn’t realize that under capitalism and its saving and investment, one man’s wealth is the source of other men’s wealth.
For example, one man’s billions invested in auto plants are the source of tens of millions of average people having automobiles. And similarly for all other products.
The liberal ignoramuses think products come from nowhere and that the capital wealth that makes them possible resides in a heap of consumers’ goods that serves no purpose except to make capitalists immensely fat while everyone else starves.
These ignoramuses have created generations of other ignoramuses, who are now getting ready to destroy the capital wealth that sustains them. Whoever wants to know better can do so by reading my Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics. Available at