Friday, July 10, 2020

Listen to Socialists’ Public Confessions

Never trust a socialist businessman. As a socialist, he’s telling you he thinks profits are stolen from the wage earners. But as a businessman he’s trying to make profits anyway. With every sale, he’s confessing to being immoral by his own standards. Stay away from him.
Such hypocrisy characterized Friedrich Engels, the wealthy communist cotton mill owner who subsidized Karl Marx, who, for his part, was happy to be kept in this way, despite his belief that his subsistence came from the exploitation of labor.
Beware of those who prattle about the evils of selfishness and the morality of self-sacrifice. They are confessing every day that they view their self-interest as evil, but allege they just never act for it. What must happen if one day, just once, they do act for it?
Beneath the facade of self-sacrifice, lurks the potential for great evil.