Saturday, July 04, 2020

Who Are the Supporters of Slavery?

Ever since the defeat of the Nazis in WWII, Marxists/Socialists have clearly been the world’s leading advocates of slavery. For elaboration, see Chapter 8 “The Chaos and Tyranny of Socialism” in my Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics. Available at
See also my June 28, 2020 blogpost “Socialism Is Slavery and Worse” at
Nevertheless, Marxist/Socialist super-hypocrite-thugs dare to pull down statues of Washington and Jefferson on the grounds that these men owned slaves.
These men set forth the principle of individual rights and of government existing for no other purpose than to protect those rights, and fought a war to establish a country dedicated to their protection.
Their success was the indispensable precondition of the abolition of slavery in the Civil War.
To attack them for not having freed their own slaves is comparable to attacking Marx and Engels (a wealthy cotton mill owner) for Engels’s “exploitation” of alleged “wage slaves” and Marx’s willingness to be supported by it.
It would have been a good thing for all the parties to have abstained from actions that violated their principles.
Had Washington and Jefferson done so, their record would now shine with even more luster than it does.
Had Marx and Engels done so, scores of millions more people would have lived instead of being executed or dying of starvation. Hundreds of millions would have avoided the experience of life as torture.
The paragraph before last is a measure of the good accomplished by Washington and Jefferson. The last paragraph is a measure of the evil accomplished by Marx and Engels and their supporters, including the hordes of uneducated children today masquerading as college graduates.
(And very often even passing as professors, journalists, mayors, governors, and United States Congressmen and Senators.)
The remedy for our growing chaos begins with reading and studying the works of Ludwig von Mises, the greatest man of the 20th Century, and of Ayn Rand, the greatest woman of the 20th Century.
Having been a member of Mises’s seminar for 10 years and a member of Ayn Rand’s “Collective” also for many years, I think I have been able to add some major intellectual contributions of my own to those of these giants. See again
We have the answers and all we are up against is a horde of semi-savages who are in process of withdrawing themselves from Western Civilization and its values. To reverse the process, read Mises, Rand, and Reisman.