Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Mass Death But Never Trump

Today’s Democratic Party is the party of Marxism, Socialism, and Environmentalism. Yet “Never Trumpers” seem to prefer the possibility of our country being run by that party rather than by Trump.
Don’t they know that what stands behind these philosophies and the “Green New Deal” that reflects them is the goal of mass murder and death?
Don’t they know that the record of Marxism/Socialism is scores of millions of deaths and that the environmentalists openly call for reducing human population from 7 billion-plus  to as little as 100 million, and meet no criticism from their comrades when they do so?
Don’t they know that the only thing wrong with the coronavirus pandemic, according to the logic of environmentalism, is that it’s not strong enough to kill people on a sufficiently massive scale?
In sum, given the real-world situation, are the “Never Trumpers” out of their minds?