Monday, October 19, 2020

Another Global Warming

Melting Alpine glaciers are revealing a previous age of global warming 9,500 years ago. A race is on to retrieve artifacts from that era. (See

Somehow the world survived that global warming, just as we can survive the current global warming we are being urged to meet with panic.

Our global warming too is an act of nature. Any human contribution is at most the unintended by-product of the actions of billions of people over a period of 250 years.

The global-warming panic is the product of the philosophy of collectivism. It is assumed that the human race is an actual living, acting, responsible entity and that the individual human being is interchangeable with it.

Thus, an individual must be prohibited from driving his car, using air conditioning or refrigeration, or eating red meat if he is to avoid being charged with responsibility for global warming.

This is punishment of the individual for crimes he did not and could not commit. Each person is responsible only for his own, individual actions, not for the effects of the actions of others or of all human beings past and present taken together.

Collectivism is a product of intellectual laziness. The collectivist does not want to bother to distinguish between individuals and between individuals and the concept of man in general.

In the same way, he does not want to bother to distinguish between specific points in time. Thus, he sees and presents the prospect of a hundred feet rise in the sea level over the course of centuries as though it were to happen all at once next year.

Thus, collectivism predisposes people to be panic mongers, which is certainly what environmentalists and people terrified of global warming are.

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