Tuesday, October 27, 2020

News Suppression and Its Implications

News stories alleging major corruption on the part not only of the son of the Democratic candidate for President, but also on the part of the candidate himself, namely, Joseph Biden, have largely been ignored by the mainstream media.

The reason given, without any kind of proof, is that the stories are “disinformation.”

If the alleged “disinformation” they provide is to be a reason for banning them, how long will it be before books are removed from the shelves of libraries? After all, what is Marxism and many other “isms” but disinformation?

And, of course, so too, according to Marxists, is any form of opposition to Marxism.

Freedom of speech and press is being destroyed before our very eyes.

And you literally can no longer trust the press or the other media. If the Biden stories can be suppressed, you can have no idea of what else may also be being suppressed. You can also have no idea of which among all the various news reports are actually true.

What you can be certain of is that the media are overrun by liars and political agents, not reporters or journalists. The reasonable way to proceed is to be ready to judge what you read or hear as nothing more than a Party Line and lies churned out by the Ministry of Propaganda.