Friday, October 09, 2020

My and Your Individual Preferences Matter

Here’s my preference: I prefer global warming and rising sea levels to socialism and a life of deprivation and poverty.

I prefer my car, my A/C, refrigerator, and all the other goods that fossil fuels make possible to holding down the global mean temperature a few degrees over the course of centuries. I have the same preference vis-a-vis a 50-100 foot rise in sea levels over 500-1000 years.

Capitalism can handle such problems, with minimal loss of human life. Against a backdrop of continuing economic progress, history will barely notice them.

The Left’s response to the Coronavirus should be taken as a mild foretaste of what life will be like when it is ruled by an obsessive focus on global warming/sea-level rise and the Left’s willingness to sacrifice modern material civilization in order to stop it.