Wednesday, October 14, 2020

“Progressives” Are Neanderthals

The use of the term “progressive” as a description of advocates of Left-wing policies derives from Marxism. Marxism claimed that socialism is the ideal economic system and thus that movement toward it constitutes progress and that those advocating such movement are progressives.

The truth, of course, is that socialism is not an ideal economic system or even any kind of economic system at all. It is nothing but the destruction of capitalism. It is merely the negation of capitalism.

In much the same way, socialism is not a system of economic planning. It is a system of the PROHIBITION of economic planning. Under socialism everyone is prohibited from engaging in economic planning who is not a member of the Central Planning Board.

Unfortunately for socialism, however, the successful functioning of the economic system depends on the thinking and planning of all of its participants, whose separate individual plans are harmonized, coordinated, and integrated by the price system.

In imposing a monopoly of a handful of government officials on the thinking and planning required to run the economic system, socialism commits an error comparable to demanding that the legs of the officials be able to carry the weight of all mankind.

For it demands that the brains of the officials take the place of the brains of all mankind.

This is not progress but destruction. It is the willful, forcible suppression of thinking and planning, which can result only in destruction. Socialists, “progressives,” in their forcible suppression of thinking and planning, are throwbacks to our savage ancestors.

All they know is to use force and violence to get what they want: stealing other people’s property and then compelling others to work to feed them. They should be called Neanderthals rather than “progressives.” Thieves and slavers, torturers and murderers, is what they are.

Scores of millions of dead bodies lie at their feet, the accomplishment of socialism in the 20th Century.

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