Friday, October 02, 2020

Answer to Elliot Temple

 I’d like to add an important additional point to the argument against the government’s policy of massive violation of individual freedom to combat the Corona virus.

Namely, if we had even a semi-proper monetary system, such as we had before 1933, the government would not have had the option of imposing a lockdown, unless it wanted to deprive millions of people of the ability to spend money.

If for every new and additional dollar issued, the government had to have in its possession a definite amount of additional gold, the government could not have financed its multi-trillion dollar expansion of the money supply.

It would either have had to relent or force millions into starvation for lack of money with which to buy food.

Soon we’ll very likely experience dramatic increases in prices as the result of the government’s massive inflation. Tens of millions of elderly people will be badly squeezed. The likely outcome will be still more inflation, to help them.

We’ve taken a big step toward becoming Venezuela even without electing Biden and Harris.